Additional Information

  • All prices are per person and buffets are drinks excluded.
  • Children in the ages 0-3 can eat for free at buffets and barbecues. Please note: for à la carte orders the prices charged are according to the menu!!
  • We offer special package deals for children in the age of 3 to 11. They can eat from the buffet and are allowed FREE ENTRY to the indoor playground! (also outside of opening hours) for € 12.50
  • The Hollandsche Hoeve is approx. 200,000 m², which is 20 hectares, or the size of about 30 soccer fields. It is a freely accessible recreational area in the Municipality of Goes.
  • Not all options are listed on our website, everything is negotiable and we can always provide a tailored offer.
  • Plenty of -free- parking spaces.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • The definitive number of persons in groups must be made known 10 days in advance.
  • The number of guests booked will be charged!
  • To all our offers and confirmations the Uniform Restaurant Conditions are applicable.
  • For larger amounts we reserve the right to request an advance payment, which must be paid directly following your final reservation.
  • Conditions for payment: cash, PIN payments, and, only after consultation, by payment into our bank account (to be deposited within 14 days).
  • Our rooms have a cosy and easy-going charm, clean tablecloths, flowers, etc. You will therefore not need to fit your room. In case you want to make the room seem more festive, you are obliged to use decorations of fire retardant materials, in light of fire hazards. Please note: confetti, streamers and the like are not allowed. On the following day, we like to welcome our guests in a clean and tidy place, like we welcomed you.



  • 1Eeterij-spelerij De Vierlinden
  • 2Midgetgolf
  • 3Speeltuin
  • 4Heemtuin
  • 5Ambachtscentrum
  • 6MEC de Bevelanden
  • 7Kinderboerderij
  • 8Omnium
  • 9Camping
Plattegrond - Vierlinden Goes