Hollandsche Hoeve

Hollandsche Hoeve has much to offer: it is a hiking, scenic, sports and recreation area. Hollandsche Hoeve offers various options: for those who come by car there is plenty of parking space at one of the parking lots. For cyclists there are many bicycle sheds. There is a mini golf course, indoor playground, outdoor playground, water playground and a beautiful garden. There are various hiking trails and meadows, soccer fields and sports fields. The ancient apple trees can be found in the sheep meadow.

There is also a well-maintained children’s farm that is operated by the Municipality of Goes. Its variety of animals can be watched and petted.

Omnium is the new name for Sportpunt Zeeland. Omnium represents infinite variety. The fully renovated building houses it all: a tropical forest, a swimming pool with a lazy river, four sports halls, a gymnasium, camping site, restaurants and cafes zone, day-care centre, beauty parlour, gym, centre for physiotherapy, sports- and dancing academy CIOS Goes-Breda.

Children’s farm
The children’s farm is a must-visit when you are in Hollandsche Hoeve. You can stroll amidst the animals in the meadow, cuddle goats, help the supervisor clean out the pens, learn more about the animals or go on a special treasure hunt.

The Ambachtscentrum, a crafts centre, has a number of characteristic homes that can still be seen today at the quay of Goes. Inside the homes, craftsmen demonstrate their trade. Visitors can try out several crafts themselves at a charge.

Environmental Education Centre (MEC)
The environmental education centre - adjacent to the children’s farm – regularly organises activities such as treasure hunts, special activity days etc. You can register and join in! It is recommendable that you make a reservation. Furthermore, they assemble educational boxes for use in primary education.

Please note, that most activities will be in Dutch.

Enjoy a ball game on the gravel course
Tel: +31 (0)113-221992
website: www.jeudeboulesgoes.nl


  • 1Eeterij-spelerij De Vierlinden
  • 2Midgetgolf
  • 3Speeltuin
  • 4Heemtuin
  • 5Ambachtscentrum
  • 6MEC de Bevelanden
  • 7Kinderboerderij
  • 8Omnium
  • 9Camping
Plattegrond - Vierlinden Goes